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Stacked Discharge

To maximize liquid or chemical capacity especially in situations where space may be limited then a Stacked Discharge system may be the answer. Our Asset IBC's/totes can be stacked 2 - 3 high as long as the rated gross load capacity, which is indicated on all of our totes, is not exceeded. Your Durastar representative can assist if you provide the specific gravity of your liquid.

An important consideration is to make sure that the footprint of the upper IBC matches the top of the lower IBC. For example every tote in our Ultratainer line has the same footprint no matter what the gallonage. Consistent across lines, the Premium and Standard Square Stackable lines have been designed with interchangeable stacking ability. Other IBC's products on the market, may have at least one size that does not have the same footprint as the others and therefore can not be stacked. Also our tote design can be stacked at greater capacity than most other totes on the market.

stacked discharge system stacked IBCs

Once stacked the totes can be connected using a gravity feed discharge system where a discharge hose with camlock is run from the bottom drain valve on the top tank to a fitted bung on the bottom tote. This sealed system has no leaks or spills.

If you have an application where you need to increase capacity, have limited space, want to reduce the turnaround time for switchover and labour costs, then let us assist you in developing a discharge system that works for you.