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Cleaning Tote Tanks

Periodically your IBC's may require cleaning or flushing. The easiest and quickest way is by utilizing the Durastar Tote Tank Washer. One leading Canadian chemical manufacturer and packager uses this device specifically when IBC's are returned for refilling of Sodium Hypochlorite, which has a tendency to leave a precipitate or residue on the bottom and side walls of the tank.

Cleaning is performed by:

  1. removing the fill cap
  2. attaching the apparatus, which has the same size cap
  3. screw the cap tightly down
  4. attach your water hose
  5. the rotating head cleans the entire tank
  6. drain and flush the IBC
  7. the tank is ready to start filling chemical

This inexpensive device can be used on any tote tank.

tote tank cleaner