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Composite Totes tote tank heater
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Product Overview

Over time the quality and durability of our reusable long term 'asset' totes have proven to provide the best return on investment in the industry with lower replacement costs, peace of mind and your customers satisfaction in the quality of the IBC’s you use for them.

Feature……… Gives You………
• ½” minimum wall thickness,
  thicker in corners and
  bottom fittings
extra strength at highest pressure
  points such as bottom valves and
• HDLPE (high density linear
) construction,
  highest density in the industry,
  most other manufacturers have
  low or medium density
• higher resistance to impact damage and
  broader range of chemical and
  environmental deterioration, which
  shortens the life of a tote tank. Also
  gives the tank more rigidity,
  reduces chance of bulging and allows for
  greater stacking capability
• excellent cure rate process
  during manufacturing
• improved chemical resistance to the
  tank in harsh chemical applications such
  as Sulfuric Acid
• 40% less weight than solid
  metal framed IBC’s
• over life of the tote tank will greatly
  reduce shipping costs
• all polyethylene tank • superior corrosion resistance
  compared to steel framed tote tanks
• complete bottom draining • increases product utilization
reusable • reduces environmental impact,
  shipping and disposal costs
seamless one-piece
• significantly reduces leak potential
• natural translucent tank • allow contents to be monitored
  without separate sight gauge
• can stack up to 3 high when
  full (depending on tank
• saves on valuable storage and
  warehouse space
• all lines have perimeter
  contact with standard
easier and quicker for single operator
  to stack, more secure weight
  distribution and gallon sizes in each line
superior valve connections
  versus bolted connections
no sealed flanges that can result in
  leaks or entire tank replacement
• replaceable bungs • bungs can easily be replaced
  without having to replace the tank
• standard vacuum vents with no
  metal springs
• cannot be attacked by bleach, acids
  or caustics