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Tote Tanks

If you have transportation, storage or production applications that require a short term economical solution then our Composite Tote Tanks / IBC's are what you're looking for. They come with a Return Program, perfect for operations without facilities for extra storage, cleaning or disposal of empty used tote tanks, IBC's. Check with your Durastar representative today for details.

Composite tote tank or IBC

Inner Container
High molecular weight, high density polyethylene (HDPE) extrusion blow molded bottle, especially shaped to ensure complete discharge of contents. 6" cap with 2" vacuum vented centre bung. Protectively placed 2” cylindrical valve or 2” butterfly valve (DN50) with cam lock or NPT threaded fittings.

Outer container
Rigid welded hot dipped galvanized tubular steel cage with 2 large identification plates.

Bottom pallet
Integrated galvanized steel base shaped for inner container support and stability while facilitating total draining of residual contents from the inner container.

SM 1000 - 1,000 litres / 275 gal                 SM 1200 - 1,249 litres / 330 gal

Also available: Refurbished tote tanks         Used tote tanks
RM 1000 or RM 1200, new bottle,              WM 1000 used-washed
valve, cap, refurbished base and cage     Non UN Certified

1000 litre - Length: 120 cm / 48” Width: 100 cm / 40” Height: 116 cm / 46”
1249 litre - Length: 120 cm / 48” Width: 100 cm / 40” Height: 135 cm / 53”